Why Cashmere Jumpers Are A Man’s Best Friend This Season

No man should be without his cashmere jumpers over the spring and summer months. Despite popular belief, cashmere doesn’t have to be just for the winter months. Your cashmere jumpers can be your best friend not only when it’s cold, but in the warmer months too.

Cashmere is well-known for retaining body heat, helping you to stay warm and cosy on the bitterest of cold days. This makes them great for snuggling in and the perfect companion for winter. But they can also be just as great for the spring and summer months.

For most men, the recipe for an ideal Sunday is lounging in the garden in the sun with a barbeque on the go and surrounded by family and friends. The day can then meander into evening and then night, allowing you to watch the sunset over the western horizon, watch the stars rotating by, and maybe even catch a glimpse of a shooting star streaking across the sky. But one thing can get in the way of this. The temperature.

It’s only natural that it should drop as the night draws in, and after spending all day in the heat, you’ll notice and feel this more. If you don’t want this to ruin your evening, you need to be prepared. This is when your cashmere jumpers, those ye-old winter faithfuls, come in handy.

For that casual, laid back look, go for a cashmere zip hoody, a fail-safe piece that will never go out of fashion, and a piece that is ideal for layering on those chilly evenings. No wardrobe should be without one, and they’re so versatile they can be worn as a light jacket on any occasion.

Or for that smarter, chicer look, why not opt for a sleeveless cashmere jumper. Add a touch of colour to the simple black trousers and plain shirt look in the form of hurricane or navy blue, safari green or even the equable and confident shade of damask rose. Or go for a patterned look with fair isle, a design that is sure to turn heads this season.

However, the ever-popular every-day jumper design is still leading the way this season, with their long sleeves, their choice in round necks, v necks or zip neck and collar, and in an array of colours that are sure to see you through the spring and summer months without any issues, proving that no matter the season –

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